Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Condom in Doug’s boxie

Perhaps this last incident is a sign of the beginning of the end.

The revelation of at least two child molesters operating in the Wilson & Family’s Cult & Cash Machine have engendered several attempts by Cultmaster Wilson to change the focus of community discussion about these cases. The attempts include lies, media manipulation, and having some immature boys show their lack of regard for the safety of children not only within their cult but in the entire community by putting up a transparent smoke screen.

First, any attempt to kill this badly needed community discussion will be a failure. I would predict that as the date of the so-called Trinity Fest approaches, there will be a real resurgence in this discussion including some new facts and some new ways to strikingly increase community awareness of the situation.

Second, what does this smoking condom report say about Wilson’s mental health? Does the Cultmaster think an errant condom is such an egregious act that community outrage will shift away from the many acts of child sexual abuse incubated, fostered, and enabled by Wilson’s boarding house enterprise (part of his cult and cash machine)? Is this the way a mentally healthy, moral person would think/act? What’s next? A timely disappearing act?

If so, one would hope that local authorities would be extremely parsimonious about using taxpayer resources to pursue any report of such a disappearance.

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