Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Police Report That Wasn’t

I just went through the Police Reports for the MPD for the last two weeks — funny, but there is NO report of any suspicious packages having been delivered to 1151 N Polk Ext. Hmmmm. . . . curious.

If you read his blog he specifically states “Just finished talking with the cops about an incident last evening.” So, let me see — did you happen to save the condom for them or just “talked” to them about it? I mean, report a crime but don’t save the evidence of a crime having been committed? Putting ANYthing in a postal box is a federal offense unless you happen to work for the post office and are delivering a bit of mail (not male) package.

You don’t suppose Dougie faked the incident, do you? Nah — not Dougie! Surely he wouldn’t do such a bad, bad thing. Surely — he wouldn’t.


P.S. To those commiserating with Dougie on his blog site — at worst, it was a condom, people! No one threatened him, no one broke into his house, no one destroyed any property. Clean it up and move on. IF someone did do that — Don’t. Oooo. . . .iky! Now — go wash your hands.