Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Used Condom Found In Doug Wilson’s Mailbox


Below is Wilson’s latest public attack on his local critics; he is blaming them (or perhaps I should say “us” given his recent attacks on me) for the used condom recently placed in his mailbox. I want to keep this brief: Wilson is a very good politician and magical in his rhetorical ability. And he will stop at nothing to malign anyone that gets in his path. I want to therefore encourage everyone interested in bringing more publicity to Wilson and criticizing him to play fair and play good. Unfortunately, this is because we need to play safe. I should also note that when I arrived here over 10 years ago, it was understood that Doug Wilson already had a bad reputation with many locals and that emotions ran high because of his more cock-sure and sarcastic rhetorical style over offensive political issues. If you want to publicly criticize Wilson, you need to keep reminding folks of these kinds of things. Wilson’s primary strategy is to isolate his critic, even if it is only rhetorically and illusionary, and then attack. Don’t let him do this.

Just finished talking with the cops about an incident last evening. When I came home last night (June 26, 2006), I checked our mailbox by the road before heading up the driveway. The mailbox contained a used condom, or a condom doctored to look as though it had been used. Now there are two basic possibilities here. One of them is that this is some drunk frat boy’s idea of random acts of kindness. The cop told me that while such incidents are not commmon, they do sometimes happen. But, honestly, given the climate that the Intoleristas have tried to create here in Moscow, what are the odds of that? The much more likely possibility is that an unstable someone took his inspiration from the rancor that Intoleristas have been assiduously cultivating. This, um, open-minded activist was therefore making his anonymous statement. He is no doubt concerned that if I am allowed to continue to preach the gospel the way I do, and write the way I do, the distinct danger exists that there might be a degradation of our public discourse. And of course, the kind of person who would do this kind of thing is very concerned about degraded public discourse. The hypocrisy of the Tolerant has long since blocked their drains, has backed up, and is all over their floor. I even found some in my mailbox last night.