Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wilson’s condom condemnation

Is it really necessary for me or anyone else to point out that leaving a used condom anywhere but a garbage can is gross, rude, and uncalled for? Is anyone out there waiting with baited breath to see if “Intoleristas” like me think that whoever put their condom in Doug Wilson’s mailbox is despicable? Really, is there any doubt that whoever did that is a wing nut, loose cannon, and fringe dweller?

Perhaps more to the point, should it be obvious to Mr. Wilson, don of all things suave and cultured in his own little slice of Oxford, that blaming an entire group of people for things like this makes him look like a buffoon? No, I don’t think the placement of the used condom was random. It was obviously out of his control as well. However, his immediate howl of injury at the hands of his “enemies” is completely subject to his control, and his naming the enemies — the Intoleristas, aka the Nasty Nine, Dirty Dozen, Fetid Fourteen or Terrible Twenty or whatever — is certainly not random.

Yep, quite a story here — the sin of Onan AND the bearing of false witness! Time to call the Daily News — those damned sodomites, feminists, liberals and light beer drinkers are after him again. With any luck, they’ll swallow it hook, line, and sinker all over again, confirming indeed that the seeds Wilson sows will land in an area much larger than the average suburban