Friday, July 28, 2006

Echoes From the Whinery


I’ll one up you. Wilson not only offered no evidence that anyone committed any acts against him, he offered no evidence that the alleged acts of vandalism even took place. Further, he offered no evidence that anyone has acted with “malice” towards him either. However, Wilson’s Information Report with the Moscow Police Dept. is a perfect example of his unaccountability. He walked in off the street and named five possible suspects to a series of crimes that for all we know never took place. Wilson directly connected five names with sordid accusations in the public record, attended by absolutely no evidence, and he did it with complete impunity.

Finally, I personally take offense at his misrepresentation regarding the various complaints against his manifold illegal operations. The Moscow City Council as well as the Board of Adjustment upheld the zoning complaint, and the Latah County Commissioners, acting as the Board of Equalization, upheld the original challenge to their property-tax exemption.

Therefore, if these lawful challenges constitute “harassment,” then Wilson should complain that the City Council and the Latah County Commissioners harassed him. Do you think Jack Nelson left the Trojan in Wilson’s mailbox? Not likely. And it really doesn’t matter because I am confident that the event never took place and that Wilson fabricated the whole thing, as he does most of his vain imaginations, which is why he needs to be held accountable. Liars make good criminals, but they make horrible ministers.