Saturday, July 29, 2006

Escalation of claims NOT normal procedure

Another anonymous chickenshit writes:
Wonder, when Mary’s car was smeared with dog dung, if the police asked her about any enemies or suspicions she might have had? If she did, I’m sure (to be as helpful as possible) she readily complied. It wouldn’t surprise me if she mentioned a select few Kirkers as suspects.

When Joan’s car was smeared with dung, she didn’t bother to call the cops. She just washed the car. And then she washed it again. It takes a lot of washing to get that smell out of the air intakes. Does Joan suspect her car was smeared by Kirkers? I don’t know — does she have reason to? At the time, she suspected it was just some jackass with a turd in his pocket.

That’s her story, and she’s sticking to it. She’s had a few screws in her tires as well, but there’s a lot construction going on around town, and Les Schwab repairs those punctures for free. A minor irritation, but no harm done.

Should she find herself growing paranoid about turds or screws or zoning complaints, she’ll probably seek out a licensed therapist rather than calling the Po-Po.

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