Friday, July 28, 2006

Escalation of claims (was: Echoes from the Whinery)

Joe is quite right. The escalation of claims — from a nail in a tire to tires slashed, to calling this a campaign of terror — is outrageous. When did “There’s a condom in my mailbox” become “Play Misty for Me?” A smelly smudge on a picture window is not the work of the Nightstalker. No one I know approves of actual vandalism, but let’s not pretend that that’s what this is. Doug Wilson has suspicions. He’s had a couple of flat tires. He’s had a condom in his mailbox. He’s been obliged to break out the Windex with Ammonia D. And, lest we forget, Doug includes as “harassment” legitimate legal zoning complaints. He writes this specifically in his statement.

There is no relationship between dirty condoms and zoning complaints. None. Moscow Zoning Code forbade educational institutions in the Central Business District. That was a fact. The previous City Council had to rewrite zoning code to permit New St. Andrews to operate in the CBD. City Council first legitimized the complaint and then rendered it moot. Is this in any way related to a screw in a tire? Prove it.

Prove all of it. Show me the money. Photograph the screws. Photograph the stinky window. Document these complaints and then ask Moscow Police to investigate. In fact, I think the five (not four) people Doug Wilson names should insist that this be investigated. They’ve been named and shamed without evidence, without proof, without recourse. How fair is that? I’d rank it right up there with asking “When did you stop beating your wife?”

Auntie Establishment