Sunday, July 30, 2006

Escalation of claims (was: Echoes from the Whinery)

Once again, the smoke and mirrors of the Doug Wilson Empire have gotten us off track. I don’t give a rat’s fanny if Doug had a condom in his mailbox. I don’t give a rat’s fanny if the other thirty people with a condom in their mailbox that week (and there were likely that many, given Moscow is a college town) did or didn’t report it. It is beside the point. Doug’s postage stamp-size smelly spot on a window (to which every kid in the area had access), and the general run-of-the-mill tire damage Doug has experienced are also beside the point.

Doug, in a police report, has groundlessly implicated folks with whom he has a political beef. THIS, my fine neighbors, is the point. No evidence, just baseless opportunistic slander. If my roof falls in, my children are unhappy, my tractor breaks down, traffic blocks my instant access to my driveway, or the last item on sale is gone when I arrive, I do NOT assume a conspiracy from my political enemies. In fact, I would love to be able to do that. Unfortunately, I can’t. It is my responsibility to maintain my roof, teach my children to find happiness in their lives, lube my tractor, understand traffic flow patterns, and manage my time and money.

And — listen up, Doug — it is also my responsibility to maintain good relationships with my community. If I, like you, had spent the past twenty-ish years telling the larger community what a bunch of evil losers they are, I might expect the community to retaliate every chance they had. Whether or not the community did retaliate, my own guilt and paranoia over my own bad behavior might prompt me towards groundless accusations.

Doug Wilson has made no FRIENDS in the larger community. He knows he has offended just about everyone not associated with his church. He knows his behavior has been reprehensible. He expects everyone to behave the way he behaves . . . petty retaliation, character assassination, vitriole couched in religious garb, evasion, nasty practical jokes, and just plain vicious slander. In Doug World, a random act of rudeness means all the enemies he self-manufactured are banding together and out to get him? Perhaps paranoia, perhaps another example of the Wilson Do unto others before they do unto you tactics. He continues to get away with bad behavior while shrieking about how he is victimized. Poor whiney Doug. . .

One more time — everyone join in the chorus — Doug, Honey, get over your old fat self!! Nobody who really dislikes you cares quite enough about you to stop what they are doing in the middle of the night and drive a condom to your mailbox. You just are not that Flippin’ Important. All the people you named in the police report are involved in real lives. Just because their real lives don’t involve you anymore is no reason to slander them. Oh, wait, that’s the Wilson Way . . . sorry, I forgot my Moscow History for just a moment.

There must be a couple of thousand people on the Palouse who despise you — shall we collect names for your next police report?