Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Blind we are, but how we love it. Fog and Mayfog.

Too lazy to examine on our own, just follow the piper. Fog and Mayfog.

Allegorize Scriptures to fit our theology, Why we are brighter and more noble-minded than Saint Paul and the Bereans. Fog and Mayfog.

Such dummies you all are not to see our uprightness and “truth”/twist on Scripture. Don’t you know that God requires you to read hundreds of pages of “our” material and under our tutelage before you can fully understand the truth. Fog and Mayfog.

Poke your critics in the eye and run to authorities when they turn the other cheek and don’t retaliate. Why we can’t have that, the attention is off of me. Fog and Mayfog.

Additional suspects might be 30 million blacks who weren’t too pleased with slavery. John Newton of “Amazing Grace” (not “Amazing Chains”) fame and that other grand man, William Wilberforce, saw the light. Evidently, the Wilsonites are of dimmer bulb and wit. But . . . More Fog and Mayfog.


There was a man who spread negative gossip about his rabbi. Later the man felt sorry and went to his rabbi to apologize. The rabbi told him that he accepted his apology, but there was one thing he must do; he must bring him a feather pillow. The man was bewildered, but obeyed his rabbi. The rabbi then told him to go to a place to cut open the pillow and let the feathers scatter in the wind. Ever the more perplexed, the man does it. The rabbi then tells him to recover all the feathers. The man pleads that it’s impossible! So it is with gossip and the restoration of men’s reputations. Every feather is someone who has heard the accusations and formed an opinion. How can all that damage be undone?