Saturday, July 29, 2006

A little Doug music

I fear that this is like shouting down a rain barrel. At this point, if Doug Wilson stood in the middle of Friendship Square farted into a megaphone, Donovan and company would claim that they’d just heard the London Philharmonic playing Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony. There is no silly, rude, cruel or offensive thing Doug Wilson can do without a collection of fact-free defenders leaping to his aid. Have any of them read the actual complaint? If so, then they fail to demonstrate any familiarity with its contents. Do any of them know the named “suspects” on Doug’s enemies list? Then they clearly don’t give a rat’s ass about them.

Poor Doug Wilson. What a victim! He breaks the law; the law bends. He violates City Zoning Ordinance; the ordinance is changed. I’ve seen no evidence that his assorted businesses have suffered or that he’s been asked to do anything other than obey the laws that are supposed to apply equally to us all. That he hasn’t, and that he’s gotten away with it, does seem to put paid to the whole “poor me” show. I hope Gary or Tony or Dick or Donovan play the violin. Can’t have a good pity party without one.

Auntie Establishment