Friday, July 28, 2006

The nature of the complaint

On Jul 28, 2006, at 12:13 PM, Joe wrote:

The point is not that Wilson shouldn’t have filed a police report.

The point is that he has used his misfortunes as an opportunity to punish and silence his critics. Wilson named the names of four persons in the police report yet provided no evidence that any of them had anything to do with any of violence committed against him. That is irresponsible.

Or are you suggesting that just because you’ve been critical of some of my comments I now have the right to, say, list you as a possible suspect should something happen to my private property or to me? That would be ridiculous and wrong of me to do and you know it. The same goes for Wilson.

He did it again on Blog and Mablog, accusing Metzler of being an anonymous critic with no evidence to support his claim whatsoever.

Best, Joe

Let’s just for a moment consider the nature of the complaint Doug filed. If a condom, a screw, and a smelly window constitute malicious harassment, then the English language has lost all meaning. He found a rubber johnny in his mailbox; I found a spider in my shoe. Doug is wasting police time. He is making frivolous and baseless complaints. He says in the complaint that he does not want these matters investigated — but he then goes on to name names, all of them former members of his church. This becomes part of the public record, and these people all find that their names have been carefully besmirched. So much for any legitimate criticisms of Doug Wilson and Christ Church that they might level. They send ribbed Trojans by Priority Mail! They put road hazards in the way of my truck! They flung dung at my picture window! (Okay, maybe it wasn’t dung, but it was 4 inches by 8 inches, and it smelled really bad.)

You want malicious harassment? Try filing a frivolous police report that casts nasty aspersions on decent citizens. Fire people who disagree with you. Harass the ex-members of your church. Take private information about their health, their marriages, and their personal finances, and make that information public. Embark on a systematic program of church-wide character assassination. If you’re going to be malicious, be malicious. Do it up right. And then, for good measure, set yourself up as the victim. That’s truly clever. Except that it’s transparent.

Some years ago, we were told that Logos School had been egged. I believe an official police report was filed. And then it was withdrawn. Would anyone care to step up and give us the details of that incident and its aftermath? Perhaps one of the Rench boys? They seem to know all, see all.

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