Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Property tax cut?


Saundra nailed it a couple of days ago when she asked, in response to Doug’s naming four possible suspects in the alleged vandalism of his property, where his execution of the Biblical standard was. Granted, the “two or three witnesses” is, strictly speaking, to be employed when an accusation is leveled against an elder, but it’s a wise principle when engaging with everyone else, too. For one, it’s simply reasonable; two, it prevents the bearing of false witness, which a lot of churches take seriously.

However, no matter how Doug tries to wrestle with Matthew 18, he sinned against Ford, Metzler, Morin and Nolan by naming them as suspects, and he owes God repentance and them apologies.

And a note to the good pastor — no fair “rejoicing because (you) were counted worthy of suffering for the Name of Jesus . . .” None of us is rejoicing because you have caused the Name to suffer, and you aren’t being targeted, if you are at all, because of any courageous righteousness on your church’s part. I deplore acts of vandalism and harassment, but I assume no pastors are committing them. I also deplore acts of vindictiveness and haughtiness, and it saddens me to see that you’ve committed those here.