Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ted’s car (was: Escalation of claims)

Hi Ted,

I do remember when this happened to your car. It was dreadful! The damage was very clearly deliberate, targeted, and it took someone or some persons, multiple, quite some time to complete the job. That you did not supply the Sheriff’s Department with a speculative “enemies list” is a credit to your integrity. What a great opportunity to take a whack at old adversaries or present irritants! I still cannot fathom that you were obliged to pay $100 to retrieve your battered car from the towing yard, or that the deputies on call did not bother to contact you (even though you were at home) before towing your vehicle.

This is vandalism. This is harassment. This is worthy of police time and inquiry. Doug has experience nothing like what Ted suffered. What Doug has done is taken diddly-squat and turned it into a means to discredit a few of his critics. That their names are now in the public record as possible condom-stalkers and dung-flingers is a disgrace. That Doug has turned a couple of flat tires and a dirty window into a means of damaging the reputations of five people he happens to dislike ought to be treated as slander. Again, let’s have an investigation. Doug says in his statement that he doesn’t want one. I’ll bet not. But the people he names deserve and investigation. Perhaps it will serve to polish their now tarnished reputations.

Auntie Establishment