Friday, August 25, 2006

Cultist of the Week Award

Gee, that’s a toughie. This week we bestow our esteemed prize upon Francis Foucachon, proud member of the Christ Church Cult and owner of West of Paris, who really cooked his goose with this one. It appears that Monsieur Foucachon has picked a fight with the animal-rights activist group PETA over the French delicacy pâté de foie gras, which translated into modern means “force feed the duck; harvest the liver.” Monsieur Foucachon is determined to serve foie gras despite an escalating public-relations nightmare, which includes a scheduled PETA protest in the heart of Friendship Square. But as the Daily News reported, “Their threats of protest mean nothing to him and his staff.” Holy Moses! Do these people ever learn? We trow not. Nevertheless, we do see one upside to this latest Christ Church Cult controversy — it makes Brown Derby a shoe in for the office pool; he bet that West of Paris would go belly up before the spring semester — the earliest date on the chart. Therefore, we tip our Fedora to you, Francis Foucachon. You give new meaning to Daffy Duck’s famous quote, “Sufferin’ succotash!”