Monday, August 07, 2006

Ecclesiastical Discipline in the Christ Church Cult

The Bible vests in church elders exclusively the authority to render a final determination over a member charged with the commission of unrepented sin, if — and only if — unstipulated sin-factual questions are decided in a church “trial,” subject to extensive procedural safeguards (see e.g., Matthew 18:15–17.)

After a member is found to be unrepentant of sin and they remain obdurate, he/she must be rebuked in the presence of all and the Lord Jesus Christ instructs His church to treat the unrepentant like a Gentile or tax-collector, i.e., with normal human courtesy, but not as a fellow believer.

Christ Church implements Matthew 18:15–17 in the following way:

First, congregants are expected to confer with other members to make assessments of their neighbor’s level of cooperation with Pastor Douglas Wilson’s ministry objectives. The congregation is also required to police their brothers & sisters in Christ, and quietly inform an elder if there is any potential disagreement or lack of cooperation with Pastor Wilson’s personal ministry objectives, which is tantamount to committing sin, if not high rebellion.

Second, the congregation must be vigilant in ascertaining whether Pastor Wilson intends the congregation to pressure, totally ignore, or disfellowship the believer in good standing. They obtain this information by tapping into the Kirk rumor mill, which originates in Pastor Wilson’s office via his well-known whisper campaigns.

Note: Congregants with a financial connection to the church, e.g., employees of any of Wilson-associated ministries, MUST disfellowship & shun a dissident, or else quit or face termination (without notice). No unmarried, unadjudicated dissident members are permitted to marry within the Church. No member is permitted to speak kindly to an unadjudicated dissident in church, unless said member is of high status or standing in the church, e.g., Doug Jones dripping love & affection on Pooh Bear.

Every member of Christ Church should mete out Kirk discipline to those dissident members who interfere with Pastor Wilson’s ministry objectives: such dissenting conduct is sin and all requirements for a trial are hereby dispensed.