Thursday, August 10, 2006

NSA story was a stretch

One of the unexpected benefits provided by a subscription to the Daily News is its remarkable consistency in stretching the reader’s credulity. One can find no better example of this than the article in the Aug. 4 edition describing the listing of New Saint Andrews College in a forthcoming book All-American Colleges: Top Schools for Conservatives, Old-Fashioned Liberals, and People of Faith.

While noting the book is published by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, the article fails to mention this is a right-wing organization whose agenda is to promote conservative and religious values. Further noting that “the book doesn’t list any typical All American colleges,” the article implies — with its mention of Princeton and University of Chicago — that NSA is part of a collection of the nation’s elite universities: a remarkable achievement for NSA, no doubt, given its short 13-year history and its very recent and nebulous academic accreditation. Or does the remarkable achievement lie in the limitless creativity of ideology to categorize and shape the world to its own desires and agendas?

Gene Rosa, Moscow