Friday, September 08, 2006

Christ Church & NSA Put the “F U” in Fun

Thanks to the men-folk at the Kirk, Moscow has become a really fun place.

How so? Business owners in the Central Business District are still dancing with glee that they get to pay higher property tax so that NSA can avoid paying a thin dime to the county coffers. How much fun is that?

Shoppers who would like to park reasonably close to downtown shopping have the fun of healthy exercise thanks to the corn-fed lazy piggies attending NSA. Thank a Kirker for being so darned concerned about our health and fitness.

The whole community gets the fun of Trinity Festival complete with the yodeling of “Sweet Home Alabama” in Friendship Square. What could beat that for a good time?

And how ’bout the spectacle of long-time NSA attorney, Greg Dickison, clumsily avoiding questions raised in the recent City Council hearing for NSA’s CUP? That was the best time I’ve had in weeks.

What could be funnier than Doug Wilson pretending to be godly? Oh, I know, failing to alert his flock to a presence of sexual predators in their midst; robbing the church till to pay off gambling debts from the NSA casino; shunning members who publicly disagree with the Bishop of Moscow; touting Nate Wilson’s explanation for the Shroud of Turin as a legitimate and insightful investigation; and claiming to be a good neighbor (to downtown business people as well as the unfortunate neighbors of NSA under-the-radar boarding houses).

This is fun on a world-class level — at least in terms of the first two letters of fun.