Friday, September 08, 2006

Cultist of the Week Award

We hand our Cultist of the Week Award to attorney at law Gregory Dickison, lawyer for the Christ Church Cult as well as legal counsel for New Saint Andrews College. Mr. Dickison wins our prize for his stellar performance before the Moscow City Council on Tuesday night, as he argued in defense of NSA’s conditional use permit during an appeals hearing. We note in particular, however, Mr. Dickison’s extraordinary composure in front of the Council notwithstanding his gangly jester’s cap and an incredible five-alarm fire raging in his pants, which ignited the moment he opened his mouth and blazed the entire evening. You know, there are some things that they just don’t teach in law school, such as sticking to your story despite black-and-white evidence and a khaki inferno. Therefore, we give you a ripping round of applause and a tip of the Fedora, Gregory, as we leave you with a word from our Juris Doctor who has a few victories in court under his belt — Get used to the heat.