Thursday, May 31, 2007

Glenn Schwaller, Pastor of Christ Church

Dear Mr. Schwaller,

On May 31, you wrote,

“Unless someone has some specifc [sic] questions regarding the conditions of Mr Sitler’s and others’ release, or related topics, I shall NOT revist [sic] this issue.”

But on June 1, you wrote,

“But what have YOU, Mr Hansen, given the circumstances the legal system has put us in, done to protect or inform the community? Oh yes, you have a little web site. And what exactly did that offer for community protection and information that was not readily and more timely available elsewhere? What have YOU, Mr Hansen, done to educate and inform yourself and others about how the system works and how best to work with it, given the release of sex offenders in our community? Have you talked with our local P&P officers? Have you talked with P&P officials in Lewiston? Have you talked with the local police, Bill Thomspon, Judge Stegner, legislators or community officials? Would you share the information they have given you with us as a gesture of your commitment to educate and inform the community?”

Mr. Schwaller, why do you expect others to answer your questions when you have adopted a policy of stonewalling our questions? This double standard of yours is a classic symptom of the “I am not Doug Wilson, I just act like him” disease, which is a malady that results in bloated selfishness, swollen self-righteousness, inflamed hypocrisy, and engorged ego. Unfortunately, it is terminal. It leads to hell. I urge you to seek help immediately. And may I suggest that the most expedient route for you to overcome your deadly case of “I am not Doug Wilson, I just act like him” is to answer my question, which I asked two days ago — “Please . . . tell this listserv in what capacity you ‘worked for several months with Mr Sitler and other sex offenders in our area’ and how we may confirm this claim.”

This is your remedy, Mr. Schwaller; this is your chance to live. If you answer my question with the truth, you will discover that you are more than a hypocrite; you are a fraud — a fake — a big fat liar. You will discover that Glenn Schwaller is not real in the same sense that Tom Hansen is real. Glenn Schwaller is the figment of a deranged imagination. He is hyper-extension of sick man. Do something. Do something constructive. Get help.

And answer my question.