Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Police Report That Wasn’t

I just went through the Police Reports for the MPD for the last two weeks — funny, but there is NO report of any suspicious packages having been delivered to 1151 N Polk Ext. Hmmmm. . . . curious.

If you read his blog he specifically states “Just finished talking with the cops about an incident last evening.” So, let me see — did you happen to save the condom for them or just “talked” to them about it? I mean, report a crime but don’t save the evidence of a crime having been committed? Putting ANYthing in a postal box is a federal offense unless you happen to work for the post office and are delivering a bit of mail (not male) package.

You don’t suppose Dougie faked the incident, do you? Nah — not Dougie! Surely he wouldn’t do such a bad, bad thing. Surely — he wouldn’t.


P.S. To those commiserating with Dougie on his blog site — at worst, it was a condom, people! No one threatened him, no one broke into his house, no one destroyed any property. Clean it up and move on. IF someone did do that — Don’t. Oooo. . . .iky! Now — go wash your hands.

Condom in Doug’s boxie

Perhaps this last incident is a sign of the beginning of the end.

The revelation of at least two child molesters operating in the Wilson & Family’s Cult & Cash Machine have engendered several attempts by Cultmaster Wilson to change the focus of community discussion about these cases. The attempts include lies, media manipulation, and having some immature boys show their lack of regard for the safety of children not only within their cult but in the entire community by putting up a transparent smoke screen.

First, any attempt to kill this badly needed community discussion will be a failure. I would predict that as the date of the so-called Trinity Fest approaches, there will be a real resurgence in this discussion including some new facts and some new ways to strikingly increase community awareness of the situation.

Second, what does this smoking condom report say about Wilson’s mental health? Does the Cultmaster think an errant condom is such an egregious act that community outrage will shift away from the many acts of child sexual abuse incubated, fostered, and enabled by Wilson’s boarding house enterprise (part of his cult and cash machine)? Is this the way a mentally healthy, moral person would think/act? What’s next? A timely disappearing act?

If so, one would hope that local authorities would be extremely parsimonious about using taxpayer resources to pursue any report of such a disappearance.

Art Deco

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Condom in Doug’s boxie

Responding to Doug reporting a mailbox condom bombing to the police (we know it wasn’t a condom belonging to Mr. Pez Despenser, as he obviously has never used one):

Don’t quite know what to make of this report. What with Doug’s history of claiming he is being attacked, making claims that Intoleristas are targeting him, and shouting from the rooftops that any icky acts are perpetrated solely on him. . . . Well, you’all get the drift. Doug and his good ole boys can get up to all kinds of nasty highjinks — boys will be boys, dontcha know — but the minute something happens to Dougie, call out the militia, ‘cause the Preacher Done Been Hit.

Doug’s position in the community obviously exempts him from the run-of-the-mill icky-sticky stuff the rest of us experience. Remember the XMas lights at NSA? How many others in Moscow had lights vandalised? Who but Dougie called in an air strike? Sorry you got randomized, Doug. Welcome to the club of Random Ass Victims Express (RAVE). Have a lovely evening. Big Damn Deal.

Once again, Doug — Get Over Your Fat Old Self!! Every last Intolerista on the whole flippin’ Palouse has better things to do than pretend to jack off in your silly little mailbox. If you are feeling embattled, try some human kindness directed towards your neighbors, a little humility about your failings, sip a tad of the cup of generosity. Just stop blaming the blameless, and recognize that you are exactly the same as the rest of humanity — not above reproach, not above average, not above random acts of idiocy (which you should understand, having perpetrated quite a few), and not important enough for your true enemies to bother with something this dumb. We are, in fact, plotting something MUCH bigger than that condom. . . . now you can really lose some sleep. . . .

Smoke and mirrors!! Paranoia!!! Self involvement!!! Hubris, Thy Name is Wilson. . . .


Used Condom Found In Doug Wilson’s Mailbox

A few years ago some members of the Moscow High School senior class had a little fad going. They were having sex in a school bus stop kiosk in our neighborhood. For awhile, each morning found a used condom or two on the ground beside the kiosk and at the community mail boxes. Though I do not like littering, the use of condoms to reduce the probability of disease and/or pregnancy has a certain laudability.

Like the Xmas lights and chalked saying at NSA, not to mention other interesting things like a high-jacked safe without illegal entry evidence, one cannot help but think that it is more probable than not that Cultmaster Wilson had, shall we say, foreknowledge of this latest plea for attention and sympathy.

Art Deco

Wilson’s condom condemnation

Is it really necessary for me or anyone else to point out that leaving a used condom anywhere but a garbage can is gross, rude, and uncalled for? Is anyone out there waiting with baited breath to see if “Intoleristas” like me think that whoever put their condom in Doug Wilson’s mailbox is despicable? Really, is there any doubt that whoever did that is a wing nut, loose cannon, and fringe dweller?

Perhaps more to the point, should it be obvious to Mr. Wilson, don of all things suave and cultured in his own little slice of Oxford, that blaming an entire group of people for things like this makes him look like a buffoon? No, I don’t think the placement of the used condom was random. It was obviously out of his control as well. However, his immediate howl of injury at the hands of his “enemies” is completely subject to his control, and his naming the enemies — the Intoleristas, aka the Nasty Nine, Dirty Dozen, Fetid Fourteen or Terrible Twenty or whatever — is certainly not random.

Yep, quite a story here — the sin of Onan AND the bearing of false witness! Time to call the Daily News — those damned sodomites, feminists, liberals and light beer drinkers are after him again. With any luck, they’ll swallow it hook, line, and sinker all over again, confirming indeed that the seeds Wilson sows will land in an area much larger than the average suburban


Used Condom Found In Doug Wilson’s Mailbox

Oh, for heavens’ sake! Someone put a used or fake-used condom in Doug Wilson’s mailbox? Who would be so silly? Wilson’s most vocal critics are, like me, either rapidly approaching 40 or waving it goodbye in the rear view mirror. My condoms-filled-cream-rinse days are long over. Just for the record, I also gave up cow-tipping at the NCSU Vet School farms at about the same time — 1985, I think it was.

It’s good that you’ve warned the ridiculous, Michael, but I honestly don’t think that the ridiculous reside among us so-called intoleristas. When was the last time any of Doug Wilson’s middle-aged critics played a practical joke? And, really, when have any of us have “created an atmosphere” in which condom-bombing would be encouraged? The Wilson critics I know are intellectual nerds; we’re the kind of people who read theological, philosophical, political and economic tracts for fun. We don’t alter the Welcome to Moscow signs to read Welcome to Hooterville. We don’t send out fake faxes purporting to be from the UI English Department offering a symposium on naked boobies. We also don’t mail seven-page anonymous threats to First Step Internet. Those are all Wilson tricks.

Don’t get me wrong: no one should find anything in his or her mailbox but mail. I am genuinely sorry that Doug found a condom full of Breck or mayonnaise or Hidden Valley Ranch. But is this really of interest to the police? Is this of interest to the blogging world? Is this a sign and wonder of a vast intolerista conspiracy? Or is finding that you are the butt of a practical joke the likely consequence of playing far too many such jokes yourself?

Several months ago, someone smeared dog crap in the air intake slits on my car, just beneath the windshield wipers. What did I do? I washed it out. And then washed it out some more. What I did not do was climb onto a blog and denounce my intolerant critics at New St. Andrews and Anselm House. I didn’t and don’t blame them because I don’t know that they did it. Why suspect where there is no evidence? I also didn’t call the cops. You speak your mind, and you take your chances. The doggie doo was a shame — and it stank like seven hells — but I didn’t call the rozzers.

Perhaps I should have. But I have real things to worry about. The Army of God is still on my ass for daring to write unflattering things about their very own serial bomber, Eric Rudolph. I’m getting bizarre hate mail from someone pretending to be the late Joey Ramone. And you want to talk about weird? Free speech cadvocates, Dale Courtney and Princess Annie Fanny, have accused me of resorting to “brute force tactics” for removing a comment on the New West website posted by someone who claimed to an “out pederast” by the name of Camille Saint Saens. (You may recognize the name. Saint Saens composed Carnival of the Animals and then died. In 1921.) The comment was removed because it turns out that “Camille” was posting from a faked-up email address — one that caused a real website and a real website owner actual harm. Bill London wrote a few days ago about spoofed emails using his name. Is this worse than the old condom in the mailbox trick? I think so. Considerably worse.

Auntie Establishment

Used Condom Found In Doug Wilson’s Mailbox


Below is Wilson’s latest public attack on his local critics; he is blaming them (or perhaps I should say “us” given his recent attacks on me) for the used condom recently placed in his mailbox. I want to keep this brief: Wilson is a very good politician and magical in his rhetorical ability. And he will stop at nothing to malign anyone that gets in his path. I want to therefore encourage everyone interested in bringing more publicity to Wilson and criticizing him to play fair and play good. Unfortunately, this is because we need to play safe. I should also note that when I arrived here over 10 years ago, it was understood that Doug Wilson already had a bad reputation with many locals and that emotions ran high because of his more cock-sure and sarcastic rhetorical style over offensive political issues. If you want to publicly criticize Wilson, you need to keep reminding folks of these kinds of things. Wilson’s primary strategy is to isolate his critic, even if it is only rhetorically and illusionary, and then attack. Don’t let him do this.

Just finished talking with the cops about an incident last evening. When I came home last night (June 26, 2006), I checked our mailbox by the road before heading up the driveway. The mailbox contained a used condom, or a condom doctored to look as though it had been used. Now there are two basic possibilities here. One of them is that this is some drunk frat boy’s idea of random acts of kindness. The cop told me that while such incidents are not commmon, they do sometimes happen. But, honestly, given the climate that the Intoleristas have tried to create here in Moscow, what are the odds of that? The much more likely possibility is that an unstable someone took his inspiration from the rancor that Intoleristas have been assiduously cultivating. This, um, open-minded activist was therefore making his anonymous statement. He is no doubt concerned that if I am allowed to continue to preach the gospel the way I do, and write the way I do, the distinct danger exists that there might be a degradation of our public discourse. And of course, the kind of person who would do this kind of thing is very concerned about degraded public discourse. The hypocrisy of the Tolerant has long since blocked their drains, has backed up, and is all over their floor. I even found some in my mailbox last night.