Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Schwaller Primer

Dear Mr. Schwaller,

You appear quite bent that sex offenders spawned by Christ Church represent a special interest to the community. Unfortunately, you have concluded that this constitutes a form of “persecution,” which is no surprise given your tendency to echo the thought processes of Douglas Wilson who regularly confuses reaping what he sowed with persecution.

Regardless, you will recall that we established four deviant personality traits that Douglas Wilson instilled in Steven Sitler while he preyed in Moscow under Wilson’s oversight. He learned how to deceitfully manipulate; he learned that narcissistic self-love exceeds self-denial as the preeminent Christian virtue; he obtained Wilson’s approval to break any law — God’s or man’s — if it stood between him and his personal lusts; and he learned that human beings made in the image of God are nothing more than physical objects meant to bring sadistic pleasure to kirkers wielding serrated edges. But Steven Sitler’s tutelage under Douglas Wilson didn’t end the day Wilson discovered his abominations. In fact, that’s when the hands-on lessons began. Please, let me explain.

First, Pastor Wilson taught Steven Sitler that kirkers live by another set of standards than the rest of the world. For example, in the case of the BTK serial killer, Wilson maintained that true repentance required the killer to “plead guilty in court to any crimes he committed, publicly declare that he has sought God’s forgiveness, and ask for forgiveness from the families of the victims.”

Sitler, however, used his intimate knowledge of the victims to plea bargain one count, instead of witnessing a good confession. In other words, “he didn’t plead guilty in court to any crimes he committed”; rather, he leveraged the court for a sweetheart deal whereby the court agreed to prosecute him for only one offense if he agreed to name his victims, which obviously spared him the embarrassment of “pleading guilty in court to any crimes he committed.” It also reinforced all of his previous lessons whereby Pastor Wilson instructed him how to manipulate others to obtain his selfish desires.

Second, Pastor Wilson taught Sitler that when kikers commit abominations, Pastor Wilson will cover them up. In Sitler’s case Wilson helped achieve this objective by arranging appropriate counsel for the main principals. For example, Sitler’s parents retained the finest lawyer money could buy — Dean Wullenwaber — as defense counsel — at Wilson’s recommendation. Likewise, the victims retained counsel at their pastor’s recommendation; unfortunately, they retained the most incompetent attorney in the state — Greg Dickison — who recently abandoned his law practice to sell real estate. In the end, Wullenwaber negotiated Sitler’s plea bargain while Dickison no doubt offered consolation to the victims as they watched Wullenwaber work the system.

Third, Pastor Wilson taught Sitler that his perversion stems from “discontent” rather than an evil heart. We know this because in his letter to Judge Stegner, Wilson wrote, “The assignments I have given him have included the reading of books on everything from the obvious issues of sex and sexuality, to the underlying issues of his discontent.” Can you believe that, Mr. Schwaller? Douglas Wilson pinned Sitler’s serial pedophile on “underlying issues of his discontent.” HOW STUNNINGLY STUPID! Think about it; when feelings of discontentment overwhelm you, Mr. Schwaller, do you feel like raping two year olds? I certainly hope not. Whatever you may feel, however, I am confident that Wilson’s pastoral counsel reinforced the trivial nature of Sitler’s crimes, at least in the psychopath’s mind, when he attributed its original source to “discontent.” This leads to the final lesson.

Pastor Wilson taught Sitler that his crimes were nothing more than a “problem” requiring repentance, and Wilson rewarded Sitler’s genuine repentance with a letter to Judge Stegner, which stated, “When we first began, I can honestly say that Steven did not know the real nature of his *problem.* . . . I have good hope that Steven has genuinely repented, and that he will continue to deal with this to become a productive and contributing member of society.” Now even you, Mr. Schwaller, must have a difficult time swallowing this one, because you have lectured us time and again that Sitler cannot be “cured” and that he will always pose a constant threat to children. But Pastor Wilson thought Sitler suffered from a “problem” correctable by genuine repentance, which raises the obvious question, If Wilson thinks serial pedophilia is nothing more than a “problem,” what does he call “wickedness”?

Therefore, Mr. Schwaller, you may protest that the community pays too much attention to sex offenders bred by Douglas Wilson’s malignant theology; but you have to admit that Pastor Wilson has done little to discourage criminal behavior in his disciples. In fact, the evidence appears overwhelming that Pastor Wilson diligently labors to diminish their felonies, which not only contributes nothing to their rehabilitation, it positively encourages their iniquity. Obviously this translates into a greater threat to the community at large whether you like it or not.

So once again I encourage you to repent of the bitterness that clearly feeds your compulsion to harass the community on this subject, which really only bothers two people — Glenn Schwaller and Douglas Wilson.

Thank you.