Thursday, June 07, 2007

Schwaller channeling Wilson, Schwaller channeling Wilson: Do you read me?

Dear Mr. Schwaller,

Recently I received an email from the person whom I consider the foremost authority on the subject of Douglas Wilson’s disingenuous machinations. The email contained a side-by-side comparison of Wilson’s words, which he wrote in response to public criticism of him, and your words, which you wrote in response to public criticism of him. Here are the two citations:

It is my intent to blog my way through this book [a book critiquing Wilson’s disingenuous theology], offering my thoughts on this general subject for the edification of a bemused Christendom, and to do so whenever one of three conditions pertain: a. I am amused b. I am about to burst a blood vessel on my forehead, or c. I need to set the record, as they say, straight. . . . — Douglas Wilson

Just to set the record straight (not that I particularly care about setting the record straight, I just like to hear the collective hammering of the veins in the foreheads of a few of our 2020 visionaries). . . . — Glenn Schwaller

I call this historical coincidence to your attention not to ask you to account for Pastor Wilson’s words. They make sense enough. I call it to your attention to ask you to account for your words. I don’t understand WHY you actually tried to set the record straight if you really “like to hear the collective hammering of the veins in the foreheads of a few of our 2020 visionaries.” This seems to contradict your point of not caring to set the record straight. After all, if you don’t care about setting it straight, and you actually enjoy listening to the collective hammering of veins, I’m not sure why you would stop the pleasure.

Don’t get me wrong. I sense your outrage and your contempt. But I don’t see the irony or the point. It’s as though you channeled Douglas Wilson but someone or something interfered with your reception and the subsequent temporary distortion caused you to mistype a word or phrase, or perhaps a full line of copy. And you will recall that this was your first “I’m not Doug Wilson, I just act like him” episode.

I would appreciate it if you would interpret your words for me and exactly whose veins you heard hammering in whose forehead when you typed your post. As I’ve noted before, I am confident that the answer will help you discover the Schwaller within.

Thank you.