Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Sabbath Meditation for Mr. Schwaller

Dear Mr. Schwaller,

For today’s Sabbath meditation, allow me to call to your attention an important historical fact regarding “God’s hand of judgment” that you may not know. You will recall that Pastor Douglas Wilson documented in his book Fidelity that “rape is God’s judgment on a culture,” and that he distinguished between rape “perpetrated by foreign soldiers” and rape that resulted from “citizens turning on one another.”

This is an important distinction for you to reflect upon because in the years 2003–2005, TWO rapists, not one, visited Christ Church, and both men were citizens of the Kirk who turned on their own. This historical fact becomes even more interesting when you note that Pastor Wilson hand chose one of the rapists to join the Greyfriars program, so that he could prepare him for the ministry.

However, my point in calling this to your attention is not to comment on this student’s remarkable learning prowess; rather, my point is to note his teacher’s extraordinary ability to reinforce his instruction. You see, before the court convicted this Greyfriar of SEXUAL ABUSE OF A CHILD, Pastor Wilson put a full-court press on the father of the victim to NOT prosecute the perpetrator. Unfortunately, Pastor Wilson never explained why he didn’t want the Greyfriar prosecuted. One theory is that he wanted to avoid the negative publicity attached to two back-to-back Christ Church sex-offender cases in one summer; the other theory is that Pastor Wilson enjoys keeping child rapists near the flock.

Whatever his motive, Pastor Wilson squeezed the father of the victim to lay off the Greyfriar. In fact, he squeezed him so tight that he actually threatened him with church discipline. No, that’s not a typo; read it again. Pastor Wilson threatened the father of one of the victims with church discipline because the man contemplated prosecuting the Greyfriar to the hilt, which could have resulted in a life sentence.

Can you imagine that, Mr. Schwaller? A Kirk family learned that one of Pastor Wilson’s hand-chosen disciples sexually abused their child, and Pastor Wilson responded by protecting the molester AND seeking to punish the victim’s father. This point becomes even more shocking when you remember that one of the primary responsibilities of a shepherd, if not THE primary responsibility, is to PROTECT THE FLOCK. In this case, however, Pastor Wilson was more concerned with protecting the predator than the sheep.

Dr. Jay Adams coined an axiom that I think applies to Pastor Wilson, which I will paraphrase: “whenever a church refuses to discipline its sin, it will discipline the righteous by default.” This is exactly the case at Christ Church. The shepherds have welcomed predators into the flock and simultaneously punished the sheep, which brings us back to my original point.

If this Greyfriar had any doubts about the propriety of his wicked behavior, Pastor Wilson went out of his way to remove them. Indeed, he rewarded the guilty and chastised the innocent to underscore all of his student’s previous lessons, as a good instructor should. Better yet, he taught him how to finish the job. Accordingly, by Pastor Wilson’s standards, it’s not enough to defile an innocent child; an accomplished predator understands the importance of finishing off the father.

But I suppose if there’s any consolation here for the poor lost souls of the Kirk, they can meditate upon this, If you can’t trust your pastor, who can you trust?

Dougs’ Hero