Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Separating the Princess from the Schwaller: Not yet

Dear Princess Sushitushi,

Allow me to welcome you back to the Viz and at the same time express my hope that you return quickly to your self-imposed exile; we rather enjoyed the last six-months of relatively venom-free posts.

However, before you go and before I respond to your allegation, I have had a question for you ever since posted something here last December. To set the context, you offered this particular post to defend the wicked imprecatory culture planted by Pastor Douglas Wilson here in Moscow.

You wrote,

The Book of Revelation is vey [sic] revealing indeed in this respect. . . . Jesus says twice in this book that He HATES the Nicoliatans [sic].

Now, I do not doubt that you actually believe this. In fact, I am persuaded me that you believe this alleged twofold statement from the Son of God justifies the contempt you show for persons bearing the image of God. Nevertheless, can you please show me where in the Book of Revelation that “Jesus says twice in this book that He HATES the Nicolaitans.”

Thank you.

Dougs’ Hero