Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ms. Tanaka and her Samurai sword

Dear Ms. Tanaka,

I have assumed nothing about you and I projected nothing upon you. You, however, presume that your hatred is not “characterized by maliciousness or malevolence, but rather by an overriding concern for God’s justice, truth, and righteousness” and that your hatred somehow defends the Lord of Glory “from His enemies,” which is preposterous.

I suspect that if you polled this listserv, most people would characterize many of your posts as malicious and malevolent and, whatever else you may think, the King of all the earth does not need someone calling herself “Princess Sushitushi” to defend His cause. Somehow it just looks, ummmmm what’s the word? . . . oh, yes — ludicrous.

But I have a question for you. Last December while you were defending Pastor Wilson’s hateful culture of imprecatory prayer, you wrote,

In Galatians 1:8 Paul pronounces a curse upon heretics who seek to pervert the church, and in chapter 5:12 he prays that they would be emasculated and neutered lest their heresy reproduce.

Here’s my question: since the PCA has added its voice to the swelling ranks of Reformed denominations condemning Federal Vision as disruptive to the peace and purity of the church, sub-confessional, non-confessional, and/or heretical, which certainly fits the biblical definition of the word “heresy” if not the Roman definition, and since Pastor Wilson is perhaps the most outspoken proponent of the Federal Vision, do you pray a curse upon him that God would “emasculate and neuter him lest his heresy reproduce”?


Dougs’ Hero