Tuesday, June 05, 2007

a schwaller from the beginning

Dear Mr. Schwaller,

You recently declared that you have never met Doug Wilson, so I want to encourage you to meet him in order to familiarize yourself with his deceitful machinations, because when it comes to lying, no one can fudge a better schwaller than Pastor Wilson.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want you to meet him so you could enhance your ability to schwaller. Rather, I want you to meet him so that you, Mr. Glenn Schwaller, the man who personally worked with serial pedophile Steven Sitler for several months but refuse to prove it, can see the malignant influence that Pastor Douglas Wilson had over the young man in your care. You will be surprised to discover that Pastor Wilson and pedophile Sitler share many things in common.

For example, you recall the time that Wilson ran from this listserv after the community caught him telling huge schwallers. Well, as previously noted he returned to the list using various pseudonyms, such as Edna Wilmington, Rod Johnson, A. Tad Nosey, Bubba Jones, Kyle DeSpinauer, Faul Ottomaticks, Citizen X, Fiat Lux, Christian Burns, Princess Sushitushi — I think you get the picture. You see, he primarily uses these characters to defend his reputation or to run interference for HIS agenda during any one of his regular scandals that occur at random intervals. Of course the irony is that he stoutly condemns “anonymous” posts on the one hand while he regularly uses them on the other. As I said, the man is a flaming schwaller.

However, my point is to show you one particular pseudonym deployed by Wilson in 2004 and the specific location where he laundered that pseudonym’s emails, when he shwallered to this community. The name was “P.S. Stile” and Wilson laundered “Stile’s” posts through Colville, WA. Yes, Colville, WA — Steven Sitler’s hometown. We know this because Mr. Wayne Fox did the legwork and posted it right here on Vision 2020.

I call this to your attention hoping that you could sniff around. Perhaps you could take advantage of your personal relationship with Sitler and contact him to see if he and Wilson worked together in conjunction with Sitler’s parents or his pastor, when Wilson tried to deceive the community with one of his clever schwallers. And mind you, this theory is not beyond the realm of possibility when you remember that Steven’s mother was a diehard Wilson loyalist when he fled from this list:


I mean, can you imagine how awful someone in Colville must feel if, while Wilson taught them to schwaller so they could ridicule “intoleristas,” Sitler used deception to molest children? (BTW, Wilson coined the term “intolerista” to license his flock to treat members of the community with hate; “naming” for Wilson is the first step in dehumanizing.) At least, I hope someone would feel bad because I am certain that Pastor Wilson doesn’t care about “The victims, the victims, THINK OF THE VICTIMS!” He’s too concerned about April Fools’ jokes to worry about a few victims.

Therefore, perhaps you, Mr. Schwaller, could be a vessel of honor to our community. Perhaps you could share some more insight from your counseling sessions with Sitler and show us how Wilson helped corrupt the pedophile. Maybe others, through your hard work, could begin to understand the ripple effects of Wilson’s corrupting influence over the poor souls who sit under his wicked ministry. Perhaps then they may see the truth of Paul’s axiom, “Do not be deceived, evil company corrupts good morals,” for, indeed, there is no evil company like Douglas Wilson. After all, he was a schwaller from the beginning and the father of it.

Bob Herodotus

“Oh, I swear I’d kill that little weasel if I could.”
— Mark Knopfler (with apologies to all weasels)