Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Schwallers Day!

Dear Dr. Campbell and fellow Visionaries,

I am afraid that Mr. Schwaller cannot accept your invitation to meet for coffee today, as he has a preexisting date to speak at the annual ACCS conference, which is a yearly gathering of so-called educators who couldn’t follow an argument if you marked it with bread crumbs. However, in lieu of his company I shall provide you with the conclusion to yesterday’s tragic story of the Greyfriar who learned his lessons well and the Pastor who taught him how to finish the job, because it did not end when Pastor Douglas Wilson threatened the victim’s father with discipline. There remains yet one more chapter.

Happily, the father of the victim successfully removed himself from Pastor Wilson’s predatory threats and he lived to talk about it. Indeed, he spoke to the SPLC’s Intelligence Report, which reported,

The father of the girl in the second incident told the Intelligence Report that church officials tried to keep that quiet as well. At one point, he said, they threatened to bring him under church discipline for failing to protect his daughter. “It would be like me getting robbed and the police coming over and arresting me because I didn’t have five locks on the door, only one,” he said. “It was just bizarre.”

This paragraph is fair enough. A father analogizes the pastoral abuse he suffered at the hands of Douglas Wilson and concluded it “just bizarre.” But if anything’s true about Pastor Wilson, he has to have the last word. Consequently, he lashed out at the father when he saw the article, writing,

Let’s just say that I have never seen quite so striking an example of a father neglecting his daughter. But this is not one that you have to take my word for. Just look at the previous paragraph. This is a father who was willing to talk to Intelligence Report about this particular incident because he doesn’t believe his daughter has been through enough. And the ghouls at SPLC were willing to print it.

After you’ve picked up your jaw, please track Pastor Wilson’s argument. First, with typical Wilsonnuedno he implied that the Greyfriar sexually assaulted the child because of the father’s negligence. Stay with it; this is not a gratuitous whack at the father. Pastor Wilson really believes this and, quite frankly, everyone knows it’s the father’s fault when the student molests the child after the pastor vouches for him. Remember, if you can’t trust your pastor, who can you trust?

Second, Pastor Wilson conceded that the victim had “been through enough,” though he implied it was at her father’s hands, not the molester’s. And third, Pastor Wilson proved his point by affirming that when the father spoke to the media, he aggravated his child’s ordeal. Unfortunately, Wilson failed to state how speaking to the media about Wilson’s pastoral abuse exasperated the child’s suffering. Nevertheless, Pastor Wilson’s point stands: if you discuss the incident in the media, no matter what context, you compound the victim’s pain.

Fair enough. Let’s say the Greyfriar sexually assaulted the child because of the father’s neglect, and let’s say that the father worsened the child’s torment by talking to the media. In fact, let’s go all the way. Let’s impute ALL blame and guilt for this incident to the father: HE DID IT ALL. But let’s not forget to grant Pastor Wilson’s point either: anyone who brings publicity to this incident adds to the child’s suffering and establishes their own guilt. This crime is so reprehensible that the ghoul who commits it stands self-condemned by their action.

If this true, then why would Pastor Wilson blog it?

On that note, I want to wish Pastor Wilson a happy Schwaller’s day!

Dougs’ Hero