Friday, June 15, 2007

A Lying Schwaller

Visionaries and Mr. Schwaller,

Mr. Schwaller has represented himself as an authority on Steven Stinger’s case, including such things as where he parks at the courthouse to where he will sit at Christ Church. But he has carefully tailored the information he feeds us about Steven Stinger to place Pastor Wilson and Christ Church in the best possible light and he refuses to explain in what capacity he “worked for several months with Mr Sitler and other sex offenders in our area.” However, Mr. Schwaller made sure to leave the impression that he worked with Stinger in a therapeutic capacity when he stated, “I felt he [Stinger] was grasping” and when he referred to Stinger’s “previous and ongoing treatment.”

Federal privacy laws prohibit physicians/therapists from disclosing their patients’ names except in very limited circumstances, such as court cases, and even then the bulk of their disclosures are not public record. So if Mr. Schwaller worked with Stinger in the capacity that he implied, he would have violated HIPAA, which is punishable by a fine of $250,000 and 10 years in prison (penalties).

Ministers, however, have no obligation to protect privilege, other than what conscience, good faith, and a few landmark cases require, which raises the obvious question: Since Mr. Schwaller could not have worked with Stinger in a mental-health-care capacity, what minister in the area has “worked for several months with Mr Sitler and other sex offenders in our area” who could speak to Stinger’s “ongoing treatment”?

The answer, of course, is Pastor Douglas Wilson, who has worked with at least three high-profile sex offenders in our area in the last year — Steven Stinger, Jamin Wight, and a deadbeat Greyfriar whom Pastor Wilson shamelessly paraded in front of the community as a TOKEN of his contempt. (Two Greyfriars from the same class that expelled Michael Metzler; yes, Pastor Wilson attracts deviants and he cultivates perversion.)

But to answer Mr. Schwaller’s inquiry, “Maybe [Dougs’ Hero] would care to bullet them [Mr. Schwaller’s lies],” here are the most prominent:

First, Mr. Schwaller lied when he wrote, “I am NOT Doug Wilson. I’ve never met Doug Wilson. . . I am NOT affiliated in any way with NSA, Christ Church, Logos School nor anything that (as far as I know) is tied to those institutions.” This is a lie because Glenn Schwaller exists as a consortium of idiots from Christ Church, which includes Pastor Wilson. I say this because only one man holds this community in such contempt that he would dispatch a Taro-type character to address this awful subject, so that he could defend Wilson while simultaneously ridiculing the community. The Princess appeared on this list when the Stinger story broke, just as Mr. Schwaller appeared the day Judge Stegner released Stinger.

Nevertheless, no one familiar with this case — not Bill Thompson, Judge Stegner, Dean Wullenwaber, RC Sproul Jr, and certainly not the primary victims in Moscow — no one thinks any of this is cute or funny, except Mr. Glenn Schwaller, whose future is so bright he has to wear shades, and who found time to work “Fudds [sic] First Law of Opposition” into the conversation as well as a few “apologies to Veronica Quaife.” The staggering contradiction between the content of some of Mr. Schwaller’s posts and his incredibly flip/antagonistic attitude toward the community confounds me. While Steven Stinger horrifies most human beings, Mr. Schwaller finds this an occasion to belittle, mock, and humiliate, and only one man in real life fits that profile — the minister who cares so little about Stinger’s predations that he would yak his schwaller and fantasize about a hostile take over the Moscow Food Co-op on April Fools Day instead of searching for victims. Perhaps if Stinger had stung Hero, he would not live so close to Grandma.

The second lie follows from the first, “Glenn Schwaller lives, breathes, and exists.” Sure, Doug. Glenn Schwaller does not exist as a human being, which probably explains why no one at the county has heard of him.

To save time, I will call your third lie all the times that you misrepresented persons from this list, including me, by putting meanings on our words that we never intended. Several times you have twisted my words and the few times I asked you to clarify your misrepresentation, you ignored my request, which is consistent with your predatory nature. You tried to create vulnerability and failed. But like a wolf, you lied in wait until the next time.

The fourth lie that Mr. Schwaller has told this community relates to critical information that he has withheld from us about Steven Stinger. As I said, Mr. Schwaller has carefully tailored the information he feeds us; I expect the community will learn of Mr. Schwaller’s bad faith soon enough.

“Dougs’ Hero”

PS: Since you’re in Virginia, can you confirm if your pal told Denise? Our sources say she doesn’t know just as you withheld this from your flock.

From: “Glenn Schwaller”
To: Vision2020
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 3:49 PM
Subject: Don’t change the subject DOUG

I’m not sure what information I’ve posted Our Hero thinks is a lie. Maybe he would care to bullet them. I’ve posted some opinions on things he has asked about. At times I’ve cited what I believe to be factual information, but a difference of opinion cannot be construed as a lie.